[servicebox column=3 iconplace=”top” iconcolor=”#0072CE”] [servicebox_item icon=”icon-trophy” title=”Retailers Win!” link=””] If 30% to 40% margins sound good to you, then Brewery Direct might be you’re new best friend.
[/servicebox_item] [servicebox_item icon=”icon-truck” title=”Product Delivery” link=””] The Brewery Direct syatem has transportation partners ready to deliver product right to your door!
[/servicebox_item] [servicebox_item icon=”icon-lightbulb” title=”Easy to Use” link=”” last_item=”yes”] Our Brewery Direct system allows you to easily order product direct into our system. Fill in your order hit send at product will be delivered!
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BreweryDirectSlideQ: What is Brewery Direct?
A: Buying Brewery Direct is a whole new way of doing business in Wisconsin. Brewery Direct is a way that allows our Wisconsin retail partners to boost profits while providing the consumers with fresh beer at a great price. Brewery Direct is the way that retailers SAVE by purchasing directly from small local breweries, without needing to go through the expense of a middle man. Traditionally, large breweries sell their products to wholesalers, who in turn sell to you the retailer. Now, through this network, you are able to receive the freshest product available, increase your profits, and work directly with local breweries.

Q: If there is no distributor, How do I get the beer to my retail location?
A: You can pick it up or arrange shipping. Whatever is most convenient to YOU. We have a list of transportation partners to assist. Our partners have worked with us to ensure the lowest delivery rate to you. We also offer local truck rental at our warehouse locations.

Q: Where is KÜL Brewery?
A: KÜL Brewing is located in LaCrosse Wi.

Q: Is that the only location to pick up product?
A: No, If you prefer – we have a warehouse in Milwaukee you or your carrier can pick up from. Please contact us for more information. For information on future warehouse locations please sign up for our email list. We will keep you informed as we grow and add warehouse locations throughout Wisconsin.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: Right Here! Fill out our application to receive a user name and password for this site. Then Log in! You can always contact one of our sales reps as well.

Q: Are there any minimum quantities I need to buy?
A: Yes, the minimum quantity we are currently selling is 100 cases or 1 pallet. Please note there are large discounts for customers that purchase more then 1 pallet. Shipping more also reduces your per case laid in cost.

Q: How do I pay?
A: KÜL Brewing accepts prepayment or a cashiers check at time of delivery. Please contact a member of our sales staff for more details or questions about terms.

Q: How can I get Signs and other Point of Sale materials?
A: There will be one sign included with each pallet. Custom and additional POS is available can be ordered through this site or a sales rep.

Q: Why is the price so much lower than what I pay the Distributors?
A: There is no middle man! Small breweries like ourselves can sell direct to you, which saves you money. This allows you to boosts your profits. Featuring these brands in your store is a great way to increase revenue.

Q: Will new brands be added in the future?
A: At this moment, KÜL Lager, Light, and Ice are available through the Brewery Direct Network. More Premium and Craft brands will be available soon though.

Q: Can any Retailer in Wisconsin buy Brewery Direct?
A: Yes. Any Fermented Malt License holder in the state of Wi can now buy Brewery Direct.
Simply fill out an application with us!