KüL (Cool) beer is a bevy of goodness from nature’s bounty. Pure glacial spring water brewed with golden barley and choice hops to produce beers with astounding taste and texture. Brewed in one of America’s oldest, yet modern breweries under tightly controlled conditions, KüL will bring a thirst quenching malty flavor that is smooth and mellow and finished with great, subtle hop notes. A truly fresh and local flavor.



Why is KüL Beer, so cool?

100% Fresh Local Beer

Our beer is brewed in LaCrosse, WI at shorter brew intervals.

100% Affordable

Our beer is affordable because we are a smaller and leaner brewery than the International conglomerates that have layers and layers of international management that you pay for.

100% American

Our beer is brewed in LaCrosse, WI by passionate brewers and workers by a brewery company that is 100% American – meaning all of your US dollars will stay in the US economy.