Enter The Simple 7 Program

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Skip The Kegs!

1. $30 Deposit per Keg (Ouch)
2. Need to Buy Cups (Extra Expense)
3. Deposit on Tapper (Ouch)
4. Hauling Sweaty & Dirty Kegs (Nasty)
5. Slow Tap… Takes forever to get Beer
6. Only get 1 Style of Beer for Party
7. First 6 Pitchers are all Foam
8. Returning Empty Kegs & Tapper (Hungover...)
9. Drunk Guy Sucking on Tapper
10. Kegs are difficult to transport


Average cost for Half Barrel = $70

Go with KüL Cases!

1. No Deposits on Cases (Nice)
2. No need to Buy Cups (Even Better)
3. No Tappers Required (No Deposit $)
4. Cases are Easy to Haul to Party/Clean
5. No Waiting for a Cold Beer
6. Offer 3 or 4 Styles… Lager, Light, etc…
7. Never Waste Beer, Leftover Beer Good
8. Nothing to Return to Liquor Store
9. No One but ü Sucks on Your Can
10. It’s SIMPLE to get cases to Party!


Average cost for 7 cases of KüL = $69.93

Build your own KüL Kong Beer Pong Set

Buy 7 cases of KüL 24 Pack cubes (Mix/Match) in a single purchase at participating KüL retailers and get your card stamped. Download your card here. Once the card is filled (35 cases total) you keep the KüL Kong Beer Pong can. As a bonus every Simple 7 purchase (seven cases at once) will earn you 35 entries for weekly prize drawings. To be eligible for KüL Klub weekly drawing text a pic of your receipt along with name and address to 262-219-9762! See our entry page!